Botanical/ herbal medicine

• Nature’s “First Medicine” – time tested through the ages;

• Generally safe and effective with few side effects;

• May be used with, or as a substitute for, conventional medication;

• Naturopathic doctors are medically trained in the use of botanicals;

• Can be used for physical, mental and emotional conditions;

• Our supply of herbal tinctures allows custom blending for your individual needs.


• The most important building block to health;

• Good nutrition can help disease prevention and treatment;

• We specialize in discovering and treating food sensitivities;

• Support weight loss, diminish cravings, and optimize metabolism;

• Emphasis on early childhood nutrition – very important for lifelong health promotion;

• Custom nutritional plans;

• Naturopathic medical education emphasizes nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods;

• Nutrition can positively affect physical, mental and emotional health.